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            你要写100个单词,不要在你的留言完毕时写上本人的名字网上投注稳赢教程在线足彩,请运用‘wang lin 足彩足彩足彩投注比例统计”这个名字

            Hello everyone , my name is Wang Lin . I went to aboard for vocation with my friends last month . This trip was arranged by a local travel agency.

            At that day , we went to the airport early . It is excited me because it's the first time I took the plane. Unfortunately , our airplane delayed . As an old saying goes, Disasters pile up on one another. My wallet was stolen by a thief when I went sightseeing a palace .I lost all my cash and cards so I can only reapply for my passport .

            A bad beginning makes a bed ending . There are some tips I want to tell u : Firstly , do not order the ticket from small airline . Secondly , watch out for your belongings outside . Last but not at least, you should get prepared for your important cards and certificates稳赢教程稳赢教程足彩。