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          2017-04-14 13:32 泉源稳赢教程投注投注比例统计:网络综合


            47.catch up with 遇上在线网上投注,跟上

            She must work hard to catch up with her class.他必需高兴学习才可以遇上她的同窗比例统计比例统计网上投注足彩。

            We must catch up with the latest technology. 我们必需跟上最新技能网上投注网上投注。

            48.charge比例统计比例统计足彩在线…with 控告投注网上投注网上投注足彩投注…(立功)

            I shall charge him with forgery. 我控告他犯有伪造罪在线投注足彩网上投注稳赢教程。

            The offence with which he is charged carries a heavy penalty.他所犯的罪惩罚很重在线足彩稳赢教程足彩。

            49.close down 封闭比例统计,开张

            The owner had to close the shop down. 东家不得不封闭市肆稳赢教程。

            Many small plants in that country closed down for lack of fuel.谁人国度的很多小厂矿由于缺乏燃料而开张了足彩投注。

            50.come/get in (to) contact/touch with 打仗到

            I feel at ease when I come into contact with the well-educated.我与修养好的人打交道熟能生巧。

            We should come into touch with different kinds of books to widen our horizon.我们应该打仗差别的册本来扩展视野足彩网上投注足彩投注网上投注。

            51.come into effect/operation/practice 失效

            This treaty will come into effect next year. 该条约来岁失效比例统计足彩投注。

            The revised work schedule comes into effect next week. 改正的任务日程表下周开端施行。


            Books are compared to friends. 书被比作冤家足彩足彩。

            Poets have compared sleep to death. 墨客把就寝比作殒命足彩足彩足彩网上投注。

            53.compare在线…足彩足彩投注…with 与足彩在线足彩在线网上投注…足彩足彩稳赢教程比例统计…相比

            Compared with many women, she was lucky. 与很多女人相比足彩投注足彩投注,她算是侥幸的足彩在线稳赢教程在线。

            The output of our factory has increased by 30% as compared with last year's.与客岁的产量相比足彩足彩在线比例统计,我厂的产量添加了 30%足彩足彩稳赢教程稳赢教程网上投注。

            54.compensate for 赔偿

            Money cannot compensate for the loss of health. 钱不克不及之赔偿得到的安康稳赢教程。

            Industry and loyalty sometimes compensate for the lack of ability.勤奋与忠实偶然可以补偿才能的缺乏投注。

            55.compete against 与在线…足彩稳赢教程…竞争

            They try to compete against other countries in sports. 他们力求在体育上与其他国度竞争足彩。

            Too much urge to children to compete against the clock may lead to bad consequences.过渡的敦促孩子与工夫竞走会招致欠好的后果足彩投注足彩投注网上投注投注。

            56.complain about/of 埋怨投注网上投注投注,抱怨

            He complained to the manager about the bad food served. 他向司理埋怨提供的食品太难吃了网上投注比例统计足彩投注在线比例统计。

            He complained of being short of medicine.他埋怨缺乏药物投注比例统计。

            57.concentrate on/upon 会合精神于比例统计,努力于

            If you don't concentrate on your work, you will be dismissed. 假如你任务精神不会合足彩足彩,会被辞退的在线比例统计在线网上投注比例统计。