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          2018-07-11 11:23 泉源投注足彩稳赢教程在线足彩:网络综合

          【导语】 假定你是李华足彩足彩足彩投注比例统计。寒假将至,你们的英语教师让各人写一篇英语漫笔在线,谈一谈寒假学习方案足彩投注网上投注稳赢教程足彩。请你依据以下提示在线网上投注足彩网上投注足彩,写你的漫笔网上投注。

            i'm happy to have such a good summer holiday!of course足彩投注网上投注,i have many things to prepare网上投注在线稳赢教程。
            first足彩在线足彩投注,i need to make a plan about my holiday足彩稳赢教程稳赢教程稳赢教程在线。i will do my homework 5 hours a day在线,and i want to read some famous english books to improve my english study稳赢教程投注足彩。then投注稳赢教程, i will see some funny edies在线投注。mr投注足彩足彩。bean or tom hanks's movies all cool! they can relax myself!if i have enough time投注,i will go dancing swimming! i wanna keep fit投注足彩投注,you know!and足彩在线足彩,i will spend some time on my math比例统计在线。i always be careless on the math exam稳赢教程稳赢教程足彩在线。i want to be careful!
            i really have a large number of things to do足彩足彩,maybe it's a bit busy nervous在线稳赢教程稳赢教程。but i like this sort of life。i will try my best to do these tings!i believe myself网上投注网上投注足彩足彩,i can do all of them!it's nice to have this kind of courage!


            dear john brown足彩投注网上投注投注网上投注比例统计,
            how’s it goingi’m zhang hua网上投注在线。 i’m a student in no网上投注稳赢教程。1 middle school投注。 i have been studying english for 4 years网上投注在线比例统计。 and i can talk to a native speaker in english足彩比例统计网上投注。
            in the school足彩在线, i always talk to my classmates in english足彩在线足彩。 you know it’s good for my english speaking足彩投注投注。 of course足彩投注比例统计足彩足彩, i try to listen to the teacher carefully网上投注稳赢教程足彩。 after school足彩足彩在线足彩, i often read some english magazines newspapers稳赢教程稳赢教程。 sometimes i learn some english songs在线足彩投注足彩比例统计。 it can improve my english grades足彩投注足彩稳赢教程。
            except this way 足彩足彩投注稳赢教程,i hope i can try another way to improve my english稳赢教程网上投注投注。 so i want to take part in the summer camp。 so i want to ask you some questions。 could you tell me when the summer camp will start where the summer camp holdthen i want to know how money i should pay for the summer campat last 足彩投注,could you tell me some requirements
            good luck to you足彩。
            zhang hua


            my holiday plan
            the summer holiday is ing soon投注稳赢教程足彩投注足彩投注投注。 what will i do in my summer holidayi am going to go on a trip with my parents比例统计。
            i’m going to dongguan park in my summer holiday足彩稳赢教程稳赢教程投注足彩。 i will go with my parents投注投注足彩。 we are going to eat good food and see the flowers in dongguan park网上投注稳赢教程足彩稳赢教程足彩。 we are going to climb mountains投注比例统计足彩足彩投注, too足彩投注。 we can have a picnic there and we can read magazines there在线稳赢教程足彩, too在线稳赢教程在线网上投注足彩。 of course足彩投注, we will take many photos in the park足彩足彩足彩在线足彩。
            i think i will have a happy holiday this summer足彩投注在线。 what about you


            my summer holiday plans
            my summer holiday began on july足彩。8比例统计网上投注,i plan to go to travel in my summer holiday稳赢教程比例统计足彩足彩投注。i will travel to zhangjiajie足彩投注投注足彩比例统计。i will go there by train足彩足彩。i will travel with my mother and my father and other friends足彩。i will travel for five days网上投注网上投注比例统计。i also plan to do my homework in my summer holiday投注投注网上投注足彩投注。i think i will have a good time比例统计在线足彩。


            假期方案英语足彩投注稳赢教程足彩投注足彩:a plan for the summer holiday
            i have a happy holiday网上投注网上投注。 in the holiday足彩。 i have do lots of thing足彩网上投注足彩。
            first投注足彩投注比例统计足彩, i make a plan足彩。 plan about everyday life and study比例统计。 my life have rule投注比例统计足彩。
            second足彩投注, i according to plan execuition稳赢教程网上投注在线投注。 enable my holiday is very amplitude稳赢教程比例统计比例统计足彩足彩。
            i watch tv足彩比例统计网上投注网上投注投注, too投注。 i love english today足彩网上投注。 because i like english very much比例统计。
            sometimes i play the puter在线投注。 i can watch mtv and learn english on puter网上投注足彩足彩。
            i have a good holiday足彩投注足彩投注比例统计足彩足彩。